We can’t guarantee it will make you cooler, but using a customized geofilter is an easy and cheap way to make your birthday party completely unforgettable. Thanks to SnapDaddy’s dedicated design team and guaranteed 1-day turnover, it’s a lot easier than you think to get your hands on a custom geofilter of your own.

How It Works

Thanks to Snapchat’s on-demand geofilter targeting, setting up a geofilter can be as easy as drawing a target area on a map around the area you want to target with your geofilter. Simply designate the time slot you want it to run, and before you know it your friends will be snapping selfies with your filter creation.

While setting up a geofilter isn’t exactly rocket science, Snapchat has content guideline restrictions that prevent users from serving anything they can dream up since of course, hundreds or potentially thousands of people could feature the graphic in their Snap photos. Fortunately, the pros at SnapDaddy makes the entire process stress-free by designing a custom filter for you that is guaranteed to be approved.

How To Get One

Whether you’re hosting or attending a birthday, surprising your friends with a custom geofilter is easy with SnapDaddy’s high-quality design studio; click here to browse birthday geofilters now! For an ultra-personalized, fully customized geofilter, all you have to do is send SnapDaddy your geofilter idea and we’ll design it for you for just $30!

To learn more about SnapDaddy, check out our website: SnapDaddy.co. We don’t just create custom geofilters, we create lasting memories for our customers with thoughtful and unique designs.

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