If your business is actively promoted on social media or paid online advertisements, one potentially surprising channel you may be missing out on is Snapchat. The photo and video messaging app is more immersive than most social media environments, and this year they equipped small business owners with a novel way to use Snapchat to drive business to your website: Snapchat On-Demand Geofilters.

What is a Snapchat On-Demand Geofilter?

If you are among the app’s 150 million active users, you have more than likely interacted with a sponsored Geofilter. When users snap photos and videos on Snapchat, they can share or take pictures using overlays that are fun and often relevant to their location, called geofilters. On-Demand Geofilters are custom-designed filters that can display brand logos, interesting or creative patterns, or event-specific text that users can feature in their selfies.

For public and private events, whether hosted in a backyard for 50 friends or a stadium for tens of thousands, specially-designed geofilters can be made available for attendees to feature in their photos for the duration of the event. Using Snapchat’s ad portal, users can specify the target area by drawing a geofence on a digital map. A well-crafted and fun Geofilter can become the hit of the event, creating lasting memories or exposing your brand to a massive new audience.

How much do custom geofilters cost?

Snapchat determines the cost of your custom geofilter based on the coverage in square feet and duration that you want it to serve. Typically, it costs approximately $5 per twenty-thousand square feet of exposure, making it an extraordinarily cost-effective way to enhance your event or gain brand impressions at a cost of approximately $0.50/per thousand impressions (CPM).

The best way to guarantee maximum ROI with regard to your Snapchat geofilter is by using a customized geofilter, and working with experts to implement the targeting settings on the back end. With over 10 years of combined experience in digital marketing and design, the team behind SnapDaddy is well equipped to represent your brand, event, or personal style with a custom-designed Snapchat geofilter, starting at just $30 each! For a free quote, give us a call: (323) 609-5736

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